About us

The accounting firm of Dr Galante was founded in the late nineties with the aim of presenting an adequate response to the changing needs of a market demanding advice on administrative, tax and accounting matters.
We are convinced that it is essential to offer innovative and personalised advice, making use of the latest technology.

From the beginning, the aim was to create an active organisation, in which each professional could work with access to the technical skills and experience of all of us.
The sharing of common values, work based on daily training, commitment to continuous improvement, and dedication to the client, complete the technical expertise brought by all our resources and enable us to tackle business challenges with professionalism.

The firm, thanks to its collaboration with a network of different professionals (lawyers, notaries, consultants, technicians) can meet a range of needs for any client.
The nature and degree of our involvement depends on each client's requirements and their organisation. We are not limited to a strategic approach, and we also use applied solutions.
Our greatest satisfaction is when our clients think of us as an internal resource and part of their own company.